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We digitalize your maintenance

omis_logo_transparentis modularly structured, so it can be tailored specifically to your needs. The various modules result in numerous functions and options for how you can utilize omis in your company. The main module - omis 4.0 - is needed for all additional modules. omis smart analytics represents our second main module.

As our software is a real web application it can be used from anywhere. There is no need for installing a programme and the design is responsive resulting in an optimized user experience.


omis 4.0 20170208_logos_rz_basic icon


omis 4.0 is the main module where the most important master data is entered and managed and which serves as a data source for additional modules. All relevant object, equipment and user data is recorded and collected. 

omis 4.0 comprises the relevant functions that users need in their daily work:

  • Master data management

Master data is information that does not change over a longer time horizon and is used regularly.

  • Report management

Fast and easy management of reports. All reports can be automatically or manually distributed to responsible service providers or firm-intern persons. 

  • Document management system

Various documents can be managed and in dependence of the document type (report, picture, certificate, protocol etc.) individual rights of access can be defined.

  • Management of inspection dates and checklists

Legal requirements and preventive measures can be managed digitally. 

  • Reports

Enable the creation and export of pre-defined and individually designed reports.


We offer several optional additional modules for the main module omis 4.0: 

omis follow up 20170208_logos_rz_follow up icon


Time-controlled events (e.g. reminder for overdue reports or checks) are automatically send via the system. It is possible to define whether a reminder is sent before, at or after the due date, how often and at which interval it is generated. 

Your benefits:

  • Automatic reminders for reports
  • Automatic reminders for checks/checklists


omis interface 20170208_logos_rz_machine reports icon


Enables the automatic communication of devices, machines and other IT-systems. Existing systems of your customers and suppliers as well as your own systems can automatically communicate with omis 4.0.

Your benefits:

  • Automatic processing of reports of other systems
  • Interface to other IT-systems


omis request 20170208_logos_rz_request icon


Offers for reports can be obtained and negotiated directly via the system. Moreover, commissioning can be done directly via omis 4.0.

Your benefits:

  • Inquiry for orders with one or more suppliers
  • Negotiation of offers directly via the system
  • Commissioning after successful negotiation


omis voice call 20170208_logos_rz_voice call icon


Reports can be forwarded through text-to-speech software (turns text of report into language). Your service providers and firm-intern responsible person is called via the system and they hear the report text. This module is especially useful for critical reports, reports outside normal business hours or if the responsible person has no internet access.

Your benefits:

  • Conversion of text to language
  • Communication with responsible person via call to every phone


omis multi language 20170208_logos_rz_mulit language icon


The whole software is available in different languages. It is possible to switch between unlocked languages at every time without losing the current work progress.

Available languages: German, English, Italian, French, Slovakian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Polish

Other languages are possible and can be added if needed.

Your benefits:

  • Software in required language
  • Dynamic switching between languages during workflow


omis claim management 20170711_logos_rz_claim management icon600


Enables the digital creation and completion of an insurance report. Special forms contain all relevant details for common EU-accident reports and therefore replace paper forms. This supports the communication between insurance companies and the commissioning of service providers directly via omis 4.0.

Your benefits:

  • Clear listing of and export options for all claim reports
  • Reports including all details about the claim
  • Replaces paper forms
  • Upload of important documents linked to the report
  • Direct commissioning of service providers
  • Direct report of a claim to the insurance company
  • Billing of performance positions
  • Direct billing and further billing in omis 4.0