Filling stations and filling station shops

omis 4.0 as an ideal maintenance software package for filling stations.

Here is an overview of the most important functions and benefits for filling station owners:

  • Management of defects, maintenance and servicing, fault reports and much more.
  • The maintenance software contains a digital document management system. This means that relevant documents – such as inspection certificates, maintenance plans, routine TÜV tests, etc. – can be stored and managed easily and conveniently.
  • A clearly organised asset management system helps manage your company's assets. The aim is to ensure high availability of plant and equipment. In addition, the collected data can be used as a basis for simple decisions about future investments (= investment planning).
  • Predictive maintenance: This refers to the preventive servicing of machines and systems (e.g. petrol pumps, car washes, etc.). Preventive maintenance minimizes downtime, helps avoid machine idle time and reduces unnecessary costs.

Report management for filling equipment, car washes and shop/catering

Fault reports regarding points of sale, petrol pumps, forecourt, shop/catering equipment and car wash can be created using omis. And where a maintenance contract usually exists, the report can be sent directly to the service provider. Urgent and current faults can also be forwarded by means of a voice call.



Digital administration of statutory and preventive inspection appointments

The many devices subject to compulsory inspection at filling stations can be checked and documented correctly and lawfully in omis. This also applies, for example, to the necessary steps before and after TÜV inspections, petrol pump calibrations, car wash bay doors, electrical certificates, explosion protection document, etc.




Straightforward processing of insurance claims

If petrol pumps, car wash bay doors, service modules, price indicators or any advertising media are damaged by third parties or by storm, then the responsible parties in claims departments can process and document all claim reports directly in omis. omis provides a total solution from reporting of the claim to complete processing with the service providers and insurance companies through to settlement of all expenses incurred.


Create and document checklists

The widest variety of filling technology checks or car wash installation inspections or, as in Germany, the daily operational checking of filling areas, including gutters and drains, for contamination with fuels, aqueous urea solutions or damage can be planned, presented, performed and documented completely digitally using a checklist.


Interface to SAP®, ticket systems, scheduling systems from service providers, cash register manufacturers

Interfaces enable and control the exchange of commands and data between different programs. There are two type of interface: unidirectional interfaces that allow data to flow in one direction and bidirectional  interfaces that both receive and transmit data. Interfaces mean that information, such as invoice data, equipment details, reports and completion times, is in both systems at the same time and the quality of data is improved, because potential incorrect entries by people are prevented.