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omis 4.0 online courses

Register for our latest online courses and benefit from expert advice! You can currently choose from the following training courses:

New colleagues in the team or refresh omis 4.0 knowledge?

Dates: by arrangement (continuous offering)

Price: 129,99 € per participant and module

Minimum number of participants: 3 

Duration: 60 min

Contents: We offer three recurring online courses on this subject:

1. Technician Module Basic: Learn all the basic skills that you’ll require for everyday use of omis 4.0:

  • Basic functions
  • Views (lists, details, filter)
  • Create reports, Workflow actions
  • Sign out inspections
  • Manage objects and equipment
  • Reporting functions

2. Administrator Module 1: (prerequisite: Technician Module Basic)

  • Archiving and editing of reports
  • Create users, objects, equipment and suppliers
  • Manage contact persons

3. Administrator Module 2: (prerequisite: Technician Module Basic)

  • User details
  • Manage objects, equipment classes, inspection types and suppliers
  • Edit and augment error catalogue
  • Import function (basics)
  • Construct checklist

4. Master Data Expert

  • Where to maintain what?
  • What is important for consistent data?
  • Create objects and equipment in detail
  • Import function (expert)