At omis 4.0 we …

… speak the language of the retail industry and offer a standardized software solution paired with superior consulting experience. The use of omis 4.0 enables detailed documentation options and leads to a significant reduction in administration effort, so that the savings rapidly exceed the costs.

… know the challenges of the retail industry and think one step ahead. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but turn the right screws for you. By automating and digitizing maintenance and service tasks, a significant contribution is made to the availability and safety of the facilities.

… support you in strategic decision making and the continuous improvement of your maintenance processes. omis 4.0 offers the possibility of powerful reporting. Weak points are found quickly, investments can be planned optimally and reinvestment costs can be reduced.



For 15 years we have been dealing with the subjects of servicing and maintenance. Based on this longstanding experience, we can offer a wide range of services. From consultation and conception to adaptation and integration we support you in implementing our software omis 4.0. In addition, we assist you with the introduction, training, and ongoing support of the application.



With omis you get all stakeholders on board. Compared to common licensing models you do not pay per user but a fair “all in” price per location. It does not matter how many users you need or if the number is different the day after tomorrow than today. Through this all relevant parties are involved in the process.



This is only possible if we work together. Situational leadership in a team with flat hierarchies and a high degree of personal responsibility result in the product, service, and success as well as the high level of employee satisfaction being in the focus of all activities.

Our team should consist of critical self-thinking people because we think this stimulates attention, steers the way of thinking in new directions and improves decision-making quality. We welcome constructive criticism and dissent and regard it as a useful potential.

How we achieve this? Through an explicit obligation to dissent, through a CEO that accepts dissent and through employees with courage.


Installation of about 1,400 new stations | Continuous further development of interfaces to other IT systems | Final development and active marketing of omis smart analytics | New foreign market development (e.g. Scandinavia) with distribution partners (e.g. in Denmark)


15 years of Faschang Service & Management GmbH! Due to the constantly growing number of new customers and the fact that there are no limits to our innovative spirit, four more highly motivated employees support us in software development, marketing and project management.


Move to the new, ultra-modern company building. Servicing and maintenance specialists FSM are now located in a 600 m² facility on the Altheim/Geinberg industrial estate, with the second Faschang company – webdots belonging to daughter Patrizia Faschang – on the ground floor. Alongside the traditional office and meeting areas, we also have an additional 120 m² of open space for common social use and for internal and external events.


In order to cope with the growth of recent years and to meet future requirements, we decided to collaborate with webdots GmbH in constructing a new, contemporary, modern office building in the Geinberg industrial park. In order to provide even more comprehensive support, the team is joined by a sales manager with years of experience in software development and Mr Faschang assists Sales with customer acquisition and sales organisation.


Success outside the EU as well! OMIS 4.0 acquires its first users in the USA (INIT) and Switzerland (Migrol). Furthermore, the team now comprises 10 employees.


In order to make implementation more efficient and to drive innovation, the OMIS team is joined by another project manager.


How the years fly by! Years full of hard work, insights and innovations. Faschang Service & Management GmbH celebrates its 10th anniversary.


Following successful conclusion of the “OMIS internationalisation” project, we set about relaunching OMIS. OMIS is relaunched with a completely new user interface and improved functions as OMIS 4.0. This pays particular attention to the latest trends and technologies with regards to user-friendliness and performance.


OMIS becomes international. Previously only available in German and English language versions, from 2013 OMIS (Object Management Information System) will also be managing and helping to further optimise maintenance costs at all OMV filling stations in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.


Due to company growth, the office space is extended to the whole first floor above the post office. Faschang Service & Management GmbH takes on the entire claims processing of OMV Eigentum at OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH.


The Faschang team grows and grows thanks to increasing orders. The company already numbers five employees.


Together with two employees, Faschang Service & Management decides to rent an office above the post office in Altheim. The opening of the first office is celebrated with pride.


OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH based in Vienna becomes the first OMIS customer in Austria. Throughout the country, equipment faults at all OMV filling stations are now created and forwarded using OMIS.


Development of a web-based database application, OMIS, begins in order to map the majority of processes involved in providing advice with regards to optimising servicing and maintenance costs.


Ing. Rudolf Faschang founds a company by the name of Faschang Service & Management GmbH. Mr Faschang began with a laptop at his kitchen table in Altheim. The company’s main area of business at this time is the provision of a consultancy service for optimising servicing and maintenance costs in the oil industry.