Discover OMIS 4.0 for your company

The best thing about OMIS 4.0 is that the software package is not specific to any industry or manufacturer. This means that you can employ the modules for all devices and systems – regardless of manufacturer – in every industrial sector. Irrespective of whether you own a chain store or operate in the field of industry, logistics or property management.

OMIS 4.0 is the optimum software solution for maintenance management. With the main and add-on modules you can compile your own, individual package.


For chain stores

No matter whether you own a filling station, run a specialist retailer or operate in the food industry. With OMIS 4.0 you have a constant overview of your branch network:

  • Overview of all equipment and systems in service and maintenance
  • Single point of contact for all fault, error and insurance claim reports: These can be forwarded automatically to the responsible party
  • Representation of important events in all branches on a clearly designed map

For industry

OMIS 4.0 is also ideally suited to manufacturing companies. Our software provides you with many useful options:

  • Your systems, machines and equipment are constantly monitored. Furthermore, you are made aware of potential improvements in energy and resource efficiency
  • OMIS 4.0 acts as an early-warning system for critical states. This increases plant availability
  • Increased planning security: You are better able to plan your future (re-)investments

For logistics

Working for a forwarding agent or freight company, you have monitoring of warehouse and maintenance processes firmly under control with OMIS 4.0:

  • Fault recording and fault reports can be processed everywhere, at any time, thanks to mobile access
  • Reports can be forwarded directly to an external supplier/service provider or internal department for processing
  • This saves time and money and brings transparency and efficiency to your maintenance

For property management

OMIS 4.0 supports you in maintaining an overview of all your properties. Take advantage of the many benefits of our software:

  • Recording of all master data and object data for buildings and users
  • Control and monitoring of maintenance actions (e.g. servicing, inspection, repairs), suppliers/service providers (e.g. cleaning) and facilities (e.g. heating system, lift)
  • Management of inspections and their defects


We would be pleased to show you how you can use OMIS 4.0 for your company. Just get in touch with us.

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