Discover OMIS 4.0 for your company

The best thing about OMIS 4.0 is that the software is not specific to any industry or manufacturer. This means that you can employ the modules for all devices and systems – regardless of manufacturer and in every industrial sector.

OMIS 4.0 has been optimised to meet the specific requirements of chain businesses and is at home in such decentralised organisations. Straightforward operation and quick and automated process workflows increase equipment availability and legal security, while reducing the costs for maintenance.


Filling stations and filling station shops

At filling stations, high availability is demanded of systems that would cause an immediate drop in turnover if they were to come to a standstill. This availability represents a significant success factor. Car-wash systems, petrol pumps, vacuum cleaning systems, as well as coffee machines, can be found at the very top of the list here.

Bakeries with a branch network

Some hygiene controls, food inspections and temperature checks must be conducted, documented and archived on a daily basis.

Meat markets/butchers with a branch network

In addition to the fault reporting process and inspections, the calibration of scales is also an important point here, which is subject to regular checking.

Hardware stores, food retail, system catering, bank branches, hotel chains, textiles, pet supplies, etc.

Omis can be deployed very flexibly and regardless of the industry in decentralised organisations, in other words in chain businesses.

Public transport service providers

We would be pleased tThese service providers are concerned with equipping and maintaining sensors in public transport vehicles, such as buses in the cities of New York or Berlin.


With OMIS 4.0 you have a constant overview of your branch network:

Overview of all equipment and systems in service and maintenance
Single point of contact for all fault, error and insurance claim reports: These can be forwarded automatically to the responsible party
Representation of important events in all branches on a clearly designed map


We would be pleased to show you how you can use OMIS 4.0 for your company. Just get in touch with us.

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