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Bakeries with a branch network

Maintenance management for bakeries: omis benefits at a glance

Successful maintenance with our smart software solution. The benefits for bakery shops:

  • Straightforward report management for bakery equipment, such as baking ovens, coffee machines, refrigerated cabinets and other operational systems. omis allows fault reports to be created, processed and prioritised. Preventive maintenance minimises downtime, helps avoid machine idle time (e.g. baking ovens) and reduces unnecessary costs (= predictive maintenance).
  • A clearly organised asset management system helps manage assets and equipment in bakery shops. All important facility and equipment data is recorded and collected. Use of the collected data makes investment planning for future systems much easier.
  • The maintenance software contains a digital document management system. This means that relevant documents – such as hygiene regulations, routine TÜV tests, safety instructions, etc. – can be stored and managed easily and conveniently.


Digital administration of statutory and preventive inspections

The inspection administration system allows hygiene training, safety briefings for employees and first-aider training courses to be conducted on schedule. Another appointment based on the stored periodicity is created automatically after completion. Inspection administration in omis 4.0 is flexible, because the technical inspections, such as safety inspections of lift trucks, calibration of scales, and checking of automatic shop doors, can also be managed in omis.

Create and manage checklists


The bakers and employees in bakery shops nowadays spend much of their time on bureaucratic work. Once the checklists have been defined in omis 4.0, the different documentation for cleaning work, hygiene recordings and temperature measurements in refrigeration units can be carried out and archived swiftly. Paperwork and lack of clarity are now a thing of the past.


Online document management

The document management system in omis allows checklists for the authorities, inventory and maintenance plans, photos of repairs, etc. to be managed. The access rights for this can be set individually.

Interface to ERP systems, ticket systems

Interfaces enable and control the exchange of commands and data between different programs. There are two type of interface: unidirectional interfaces that allow data to flow in one direction and bidirectional  interfaces that both receive and transmit data. Interfaces mean that information, such as invoice data, equipment details, reports and completion times, is in both systems at the same time and the quality of data is improved, because potential incorrect entries by people are prevented.