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omis 4.0 is constantly being refined!

The inspiration here is provided by our motivated employees, our valuable customers and the latest economic trends. The resulting plethora of ideas and suggestions is recorded by us and then refined and converted into concrete objectives with our developers. This gives rise to innovative solutions for practical application, which are made available to our customers in software releases scheduled for several times a year.

Thanks to our unique and transparent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing model, our customers incur no additional costs and are always working with the latest version of omis 4.0.
All releases are included in the monthly flat-rate fee.

To ensure that our planned developments are transparent, we define and update them regularly in our omis 4.0 roadmap. This contains the key milestones in the further development of omis 4.0.

2024 - Outlook

omis smart analytics: Fuel loss systems, washing equipment, coffee machines

2023 - Second half

Market development Italy, France, Benelux
Integration MS Reporting Service
Go Live Redesign
omis smart analytics: Interfaces forecourtserver, e-charging stations

2023 - First half

Completion Design UX/UI
Market development U.K. and Spain | Distribution partner in Poland (IPS Systems) | New industries: Convenience, bakeries, specialist markets, groceries
omis smart analytics: Interface to PWM | Sensoric Next Generation battery lifetime 24 months | Graphical presentation of measurement data improved


omis redesign start
omis smart analytics: Interface Fafnir


Market development "Nordic" with Morton Raaby
Active marketing and further development of omis smart analytics
Focus on predictive maintenance
Expansion of market share in the gas station sector | Installation of 1,400 new stations
Continuous development of interfaces to other IT-systems
Evaluation of and entering into new branches and country markets


Further development of omis assistants, disposition module
Expansion of mobile functions, improvement of checklists & approval
Business Analytics module
smart analytics
Interfaces to pump technology equipment and cash registers
Revision technological user interface
15 years Faschang Service & Management GmbH | 4 new employees in software development, marketing and project management


Business intelligence module
Prototype for IoT (Internet of Things) applications
Further standardisation of functions and wizards
Further refinement of the omis dispatching module
Prototype for voice control in omis
Enhancement of connectivity to third-party systems
Advanced settings für administrators
Move to the new company building. Alongside the traditional office and meeting areas, we also have an additional 120 m² of open space for common social use and for internal and external events.


In order to cope with the growth of recent years and to meet future requirements, we decided to collaborate with webdots GmbH in constructing a new, contemporary, modern office building in the Geinberg industrial park. In order to provide comprehensive support, the team is joined by a sales manager with years of experience in software development who focuses on customer acquisition and sales organisation.


Success outside the EU as well! omis 4.0 acquires its first users in the USA (INIT) and Switzerland (Migrol).
Furthermore, the team now comprises 10 employees.


In order to make implementation more efficient and to drive innovation, the omis team is joined by another project manager.


10 years Faschang Service & Management GmbH


omis is relaunched with a completely new user interface and improved functions as omis 4.0. This pays particular attention to the latest trends and technologies with regards to user-friendliness and performance.


omis becomes international. Previously only available in German and English language versions, from 2013 omis (Object Management Information System) will also be managing and helping to further optimize maintenance costs at all OMV filling stations in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.


Due to company growth, the office space is extended to the whole first floor above the post office.
Faschang Service & Management GmbH takes on the entire claims processing of OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH.


The Faschang team grows and grows thanks to increasing orders. The company already numbers five employees.


Together with two employees, Faschang Service & Management decides to rent an office above the post office in Altheim.


OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH based in Vienna becomes the first omis customer in Austria. Throughout the country, equipment faults at all OMV filling stations are now created and forwarded using omis.


Start of development of web-based database application omis


Founding of the company by Ing. Rudolf Faschang. All started with a notebook on the kitchen table in Altheim. The main purpose of the company: Consultancy service for optimizing servicing and maintenance costs in the oil industry.