OMIS 4.0 is constantly being refined!

The inspiration here is provided by our motivated employees, our valuable customers and the latest economic trends. The resulting plethora of ideas and suggestions is recorded by us and then refined and converted into concrete objectives with our developers. This gives rise to innovative solutions for practical application, which are made available to our customers in software releases scheduled for several times a year.

Thanks to our unique and transparent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing model, our customers incur no additional costs and are always working with the latest version of OMIS 4.0.
All releases are included in the monthly flat-rate fee.

To ensure that our planned developments are transparent, we define and update them regularly in our OMIS 4.0 roadmap. This contains the key milestones in the further development of OMIS 4.0.

Second half of 2020

Smart Analytics module
Interface to petrol station equipment and point of sale (POS)
Technological revision of the user interface

First half of 2020

Ongoing development and improvements to OMIS wizards
Disposition module
Improvements to mobile features
Improvements to checklists and commissioning
BI (Business Intelligence) module

Second half of 2019

IoT (Internet of Things) prototype
Browser Push Notifications
Further standardization of OMIS features