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Public transport

Maintenance software for public transport: omis 4.0

The safety measures in public transport are very strict, so it is always important to keep an eye on current faults and to respond quickly to them. Our innovative software solution supports you in this process:

  • Management of defects and fault reports. omis is a single point of contact for all fault, error and claim reports, e.g. in the event of faults with doors on buses and trains, with sensors or with GPS receivers. This allows you to react accordingly and keep the downtimes short.
  • With the help of digital document management, you can store and manage important documents – such as photos of repairs, documents from inspection appointments, reports, etc. – easily and conveniently. This allows you to ensure that your reports are processed and documented accordingly.
  • Straightforward processing of insurance claims. Insurance claims can be distributed both manually and automatically to the responsible persons and service providers.

Report management for sensors, GPS receivers, etc. in public transport

omis allows fault reports for sensors, GPS receivers, etc. to be created, processed and prioritised.

Digital administration of legal and preventive inspection appointments

Inspection management allows technical inspections of doors on buses and trains to be conducted on schedule. Another appointment based on the stored periodicity is created automatically after completion.

Approval process for sensors

These sensors are configured and tested on site before being installed in the buses. This involves a complex approval process, which is carried out and documented in omis 4.0. Each check in this process is managed by means of a workflow, in which the next participant in the chain is informed automatically and can then commence their work. Final approval including signature is granted directly in omis 4.0 on a tablet, whereby the corresponding documents are immediately archived and available in the right place.


Fault reports in public transport 

omis 4.0 will not only be used to manage the approval process – there are also plans to allow customers of these service providers to report any faults directly in omis 4.0 in future.

Interface to ERP systems, ticket systems, mobile statistics

Interfaces enable and control the exchange of commands and data between different programs. There are two type of interface: unidirectional interfaces that allow data to flow in one direction and bidirectional  interfaces that both receive and transmit data. Interfaces mean that information, such as equipment details, reports and completion times, is in both systems at the same time and the quality of data is improved, because potential incorrect entries by people are prevented.