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Success Stories @ omis 4.0

#7: Easy and fast implementation of omis at TESSOL

The customer

TESSOL fuels, mineral oils and tank systems GmbH was founded in 1952 and has now focused entirely on the petrol station business. With a station network in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Thuringia and Saxony and steady growth in recent years, the company is now an important part of the AVIA network (






Fig. 1: AVIA filling station, © TESSOL fuels, mineral oils and tank systems GmbH


The challenge

Many decision-makers associate the implementation of a new software solution with a high effort concerning time and costs, with problems resulting from missing know-how among the internal staff and with challenges when trying to integrate it in the daily business. From first meetings with prospects and potential customers we know these concerns. In addition, we are aware that the collection and preparation of all equipment data can be a time-consuming task on the customer side.

In the case of TESSOL no detailed data material about stations and corresponding equipment was available. The big question was how we can manage starting as fast as possible with our software.

Markus Vorhauer (Project Manager omis): „TESSOL neither had the required data about the equipment available, nor the staff resources. Also, they didn’t plan to collect it or transfer it to omis. From our experience with other projects we are aware of this problem and were able to offer an alternative solution.“


The solution

To enable a quick and easy implementation of omis we decided to work with so-called dummy-equipment representing the equipment data. Together with our standard error catalogue it is possible to send error reports quickly and easily. Via the error code it is possible to generate meaningful reports and analysis (KPIs).









Fig. 2: Filling station of AVIA, © TESSOL fuels, mineral oils and tank systems GmbH

To consider the individual processes at Tessol, an extra report type for the elimination of defects in the course of inspections was implemented. Via an API (interface) tickets are directly transferred to the main service operators. Through this reaction times of service firms are reduced and equipment availability is improved.

With omis we do not simply follow trends, we set them. Thanks to our long experience in the industry we know the specific needs of fuel station operators and retailers. Our software solution fulfills these requirements in a unique way. Our licensing model needs no long explanation and adapts flexibly to different requirements. Our customers do not need to worry about releases, updates or software maintenance. It makes no difference how many users are created and whether the number tomorrow is another than today.

Günter Breitinger (Head of fuel station-systems Tessol): „With omis as our ticket system in the categories troubleshooting and elimination of defects the communication and the overview for all parties involved has been improved considerably. This improvement of efficiency leads to a higher satisfaction of all.“

omis 4.0 is a real web application. It can be accessed and used anywhere. Installation of a program is not required and the design is responsive. Through this we offer an optimized operation for all users. Our standard configuration covers the main, daily tasks. For omis to integrate itself optimally in the firm-internal workflows we pay attention to a minimum internal implementation effort on the customer side.