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omis IoT Hub: Multiple Sources – One Tool

New business models like e.g. unmanned shops at EV-charging stations lead to new requirements when it comes to organizing and professionalizing maintenance tasks. Operators need a number of different systems to keep control over their equipment and upcoming errors. Some important questions in this context are: Who is able to keep an overview about what errors occur, which of them are already assigned to a service provider, or which are not handled yet?

Let’s come back to the example of unmanned shops. One major advantage is that they are open 24/7. To enable this, equipment availability must be as high as possible which again automatically contributes to higher customer satisfaction. Thanks to remote diagnosis and remote services many problems and errors can be fixed from far. But what about damages at equipment like cooling devices, coffee machines, or lighting – a major aspect for providing security during night hours. Customers won’t be willing to report errors. On the contrary – as a result of the negative experience they may not visit the site again. Especially around unmanned sites the uncertainty among new customers can be relatively high. Using the equipment is new for many of them and problems or errors result in bad customer experience.



Predictive maintenance is one major keyword here. Errors must be detected and handled as early as possible, ideally before the customer recognizes them. In addition, the processes in the background (e.g., contacting a service technician) have to be automated. The key to success is workflow-driven error management in combination with IoT-solutions (e.g., sensors). The better the organization of the whole infrastructure, the higher the chances to stand out from competition and develop a superior market position. One solution is the omis IoT Hub that is able to unite multiple sources in one tool. omis acts as the central hub for all faults that are reported automatically (API) by different devices. The steps required for rectification are initiated and managed automatically (workflow-controlled) in omis 4.0. The omis IoT Hub follows intelligent algorithms and pre-qualifies faults before a ticket is generated. This makes the omis IoT Hub also an ideal addition to existing ticket systems and enables an end-to-end IoT strategy.




omis 4.0 is a cloud-based software solution specifically designed for decentralized organizational structures. More than 5.000 sites already use omis for digitizing important maintenance tasks and benefit from noticeable cost saving, clear quality improvement, higher equipment availability, and reduced processing times. Through its modular design omis can be customized to the individual needs of every customer.