Search time savings potential with omis 4.0

Who does not know them, the classic W-questions: Who, when, where, what,...?

Answering these questions in a fast way, ideally with only a few mouse clicks can save an enormous amount of time.

Searching for invoices, test protocolls, e-mails, notes or "reminders" (e.g. as a result of inadequate documentation) costs a large amount of time. For decision makers in decentralized firms it is essential to have an overview over all reports. Who reported when? How urgent is the report? (reaction time) Has the service provider already been commissioned? What is the current status?

Especially when it comes to these search times omis enables a huge savings potential which is realized in practice.


Einparungspotential Suchzeiten

With omis 4.0 each stakeholder has the same information and knows the current status. In addition, the software solution replaces not needed communication for internal coordination.










  • On the basis of a filling station net with 50 stations (incl. car wash and shop) we draw a realistic scenario about the savings potential realized through omis
  • The data is real data from a customer system
  • The scenario is based on the assumption the the processing was done without digitalization of the processes up to now (via excel, mails, telephone, fax etc.)
  • We determine and compare how long the processing takes with and without omis
  • Assumptions made are based on customer feedback and experience from the last 15 years