Interfaces have become very important for Faschang

Why do our clients choose interfaces?

Information comes through the interfaces at the same time in both systems
The quality of the data is increased because possible human error with inputs is prevented
Both systems are consistent, because they balance each other out

Now we are implementing a bi-directional interface, between OMIS and SAP® for Migrol AG, a Swiss oil company and a subsidiary of the Migros Group. Migrol has already been a loyal OMIS user for 2 years. OMIS is in operation at over 300 petrol stations, where, amongst other things, it is used with regards to fault recording and commissioning through to invoice logging. As is the case with many large companies, Migrol relies on SAP® for the holistic processing of business-related areas. As OMIS specialises in the processing and administration of maintenance topics, it shouldn’t be replaced by SAP®, but linked to it.

This has the advantage whereby invoices can be recorded in SAP®, without having to create an order manually. This is because it is automatically done with an order created in OMIS. In addition, the invoice total only needs to be entered into 1 system, as the relevant details are automatically received by OMIS. This not only cuts out unnecessary manual steps, thereby saving time, it also increases the quality of information in both OMIS and SAP®, which is good for Migrol. Another benefit is that all invoice amounts for OMIS orders are constantly available, which provides new evaluation options in OMIS. The costs can be considered in the future when deciding between repair and new purchase. This data also serves as a basis for the negotiation of maintenance contracts with service providers.

The interface will be completed by the end of 2019, and used in day-to-day at Migrol in early 2020. We are currently working on further interface projects, where we are looking to implement a connection to an ERP system, a service provider ticket system and, in the future, directly to the pump and the car wash. You can read about the completion of a connection to the Huth ticketing system in one of our next blog!