The connected forecourt via cloud-based messaging

“Houston, we have a problem” a car dashboard app does not allow me to fuel as usual on an unmanned site. How can the retailer quickly identify and solve the problem?

Market dynamics and innovation are constantly changing how customers interact with the EV/fuel/wash forecourts and shops. omis vision is a world where anything that can connect will connect. omis mission is to ensure that connected equipment is constantly monitored. Moreover, service jobs are automatically raised when needed through the relevant approval work flow, passed on and tracked at the multiple service organizations maintaining the sites and applications.


At omis we have 20 years of experience in developing cloud-based maintenance work flows. What has changed in the past years is especially the equipment manufacturers ability to share relevant service and maintenance information in close to real time via APIs (Application Programming Interface). For a while, there has also been a demand for a joint up maintenance solution so retailers only have one platform for many asset types such as pumps, payment systems, car wash, coffee machines, price poles etc. With open APIs that is becoming a possibility now.

The availability of open APIs driven by the overall development also allows us to improve on old issues as well. A few examples are:

Occasionally and sometimes related to flooding, water will make it into the underground fuel tanks, and to the bottom of the tank. When the water reaches a certain level, it will make it to the pump and into the car fueling. This will damage the car’s motor which will result in high costs for the retailer in terms of damage and reputation.

The on-site tank gauge controller already detects and alarms when the water level is too high but it is often not picked up due to insufficient systems or personal let it go unnoticed. Cloud-based messaging ensures immediate and correct action to be taken by right personal and/or supplier.

As a solution example, Fafnir’s tank gauge controls are now connected to a cloud service offering an open API. omis connects in real time and pushes a work order to the relevant service company immediately which can check if it is a real issue and stop the tank trading until the water is removed.

Another example is price signs. It is estimated that 1 in 10 is out for some time each year. Price signs and LED lights are key to customer experience. When errors occur, sales are immediately affected due to uncertainty (despite you can see the price on the pump). Price sign manufacturers today allow immediate alarming when out of order via cloud APIs. However, the API does not provide much value until you tie it into a service system which can significantly improve faster and more efficient fault handling.

As more and more self-service equipment makes it to the sites with less labor available it is recommended to have a cross functional/equipment service strategy and architecture knitted together by an enterprise architect.

Predictive maintenance with omis 4.0

omis practically functions as the core infrastructure component in a central service system and workflow management system making the system work efficiently. It allows for an enterprise architect to offer a solution able to fit into many existing systems (workflows) such as SAP and Kimoce or equipment APIs from Fafnir, Bever etc.

omis is a cloud-based software solution specifically designed for decentralized organizational structures. More than 5.000 sites already use omis for important maintenance tasks and benefit from noticeable cost savings, clear quality improvements, higher equipment availability, and reduced processing times. Through its modular design omis can be customized to the individual needs of every customer.