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Success Stories @ omis 4.0

#6: Digitalization of maintenance at migrolino through an interface between omis and SAP

Our customer

migrolino AG is one of the leading providers in the Swiss convenience store market. Headquartered in Suhr, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of MIGROS Genossenschaft-Bund (MGB). With a total of 363 locations, migrolino's stores can be found throughout Switzerland in train stations, gas stations and city center locations.


Initial situation and project objective

As mentioned, migrolino AG operates over 300 stores throughout Switzerland. The management of the infrastructure of 162 stores is under the sovereignty of migrolino. Up until our implementation, the entire infrastructure was managed manually mostly using Excel, and integration with upstream and downstream systems (e.g. order entry and orders) was done manually. This process was time-consuming and error-prone, and the maintenance process was therefore complicated and associated with an increasingly high demand for resources, which could no longer be continued in this form. As the growth trend at migrolino continues upwards, the processes are becoming increasingly complex in terms of technology and maintenance. It was impossible to think of forward planning due to the lack of a central system.

The aim of the project was therefore to standardize and digitize the processes for reporting and handling faults in order to obtain an overview of what was happening, to be able to track the processing status at any time, and to make the entire maintenance management process transparent. The user interface, from which the stores create their fault reports, the release processing is carried out by the regional sales managers and the feedback is carried out by the supplier, was to be user-friendly and browser-based. Since our company was already successfully active with omis 4.0 for service station management at Migrol AG, which is also part of the Migros Group, it quickly became clear that this product should also be used at migrolino. SAP was set as the leading system with regard to master data.


What did HPC, trimaster and omis accomplish?


  • Conception
  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Migration of master data
  • Migration run
  • Go-Live (commissioning)


  • Project management
  • Coordination
  • Support in setting up the interface: SAP <-> omis


  • Implementation and parameterization of the omis solution
  • Process consulting
  • Setup of the workflows
  • Implementation of the interface to SAP incl. tests


Customer benefits

  • Consistent processes for fault reports, approvals, orders from suppliers, new procurements and feedback on work performed
  • Reduction of errors through predefined workflows
  • Future-proof system that meets the increasing demand for resources
  • Improved transparency and clarity on disruptions and associated costs
  • Intuitive operation through the software's modern user interface
  • No duplicate data storage due to full integration with the SAP ERP system



After the kick-off date in March 2020, it became clear that the group of participants was quite large and that there were many interfaces to the individual departments, which required a great deal of coordination. To make matters worse, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, on-site meetings were desired by all parties but were not feasible. Consequently, the project had to be conducted entirely online and by teams, from workshops to GoLive. What was initially considered a challenge quickly became a habit thanks to a high level of discipline and dedicated project teams.

However, despite the aforementioned challenges and the many different contacts on the customer side and also from the external side, the project was successfully set live within the planned time.


Statement from Michael Müller-Rackel HPC Senior Consultant:

"The cooperation between omis, trimaster and HPC was characterized by constructive openness and a high degree of discipline.

The project was characterized by a professional exchange at eye level and a great interest in each other's systems. This was an essential ingredient for the right data transfer and process setup. One did not only concentrate on one's own tool, but always looked beyond the end of one's nose.

This project will stay in my memory for a long time, because it was completely remote due to Corona and also because it went amazingly well. Despite the many people involved, we were able to successfully build an efficient and smart solution for our client."


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