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Omis 4.0 and IOT will significantly improve your maintenance business

Utilizing IoT and API driven interoperability and data sharing for improved operation is a digitally established vision in the industry.

OMIS mission is to support this by bridging all the site systems and site equipment with all the service providers while centrally managing the generic workflows to insure sustainment of best practices.

OMIS continuing its successful expansion and keeps adding interoperability with systems such as lately connecting with FAFNIR’s senser cloud. The FAFNIR connection has significantly reduced the risk of dispensing water into vehicles at retailers in Germany.

We look forward to connecting more systems and devices directly via smart workflow to the service providers of choice. One of the features that are to be launched soon is improved flow rate management. Some retailers see 7% increase in transaction YoY after low flow avoided. Others see flow rate related service (filter change) manpower cost deduced by 50% as planned vs urgent reaction.

We have just released a Spanish version. In collaboration with another leading equipment supplier we make sure that the major forecourt controllers and tank gauges are efficiently cloud connected.

We look forward to demonstrating how this will allow for improved efficiency of site maintenance.