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Planning security for your investments

Christian is the managing director of a medium-sized retail chain with 400 stores and therefore responsible for the optimum distribution of financial resources. Investment decisions are key to success and have a long-term strategic significance for the company. An investment can only be reversed with great difficulty.

Christian found it particularly difficult to obtain information about the state of equipment. Decisions were frequently being made based on incomplete, unsatisfactory data. A substantial administrative effort was required in order to retrieve the necessary information for this purpose.

Since the introduction of OMIS in the company, all information is stored in one central location. The collected equipment and fault data provides him with optimum support in the planning of his investment budget. With the aid of an effective reporting system, he is now in a position to reach decisions based on facts and figures in just a few clicks.

Christian sees immediately how often which faults occur on a device and how much has been invested in maintaining each piece of equipment. He can therefore quickly identify potential weak points and calculate the optimum time for replacing equipment. This means greater planning security for new investments.