Where are we heading?

In 2016 we set ourselves clear goals and the direction for the company and omis 4.0 under the title "Strategy 2020". Following 4 years of highly motivated work, we have managed to meet a large number of the targets set, and now we have sharpened the focus for the forthcoming years. Today we would like to share some of our Targets for 2025 with you.

We have our roots in the oil industry, and we have succeeded in acquiring many faithful customers in this sector over recent years, while firmly establishing omis 4.0 as a brand. We would like to build on this success in coming years and strengthen our position as a specialist in reducing the complexity of service processes.

Alongside the oil industry, we want to further sharpen our focus on "branch businesses with complex structures", and we have already managed to identify several interesting new business areas with similar challenges. Initial consultations indicate that we are on the right path. Alongside expanding the fields of business, a few months ago we started extending our international reach. Our plan is to be represented with omis 4.0 in 25 countries by 2025.

And to ensure that omis 4.0 can keep pace with the objectives we've set, we are currently establishing a dedicated omis 4.0 product management function. Our employee Dominik Scheinecker took on this role internally at the beginning of May 2020, and his previous training has provided him with the necessary skills for the job. With the help of a product management function, we intend to intensify cooperation with our customers and jointly prioritise our ideas. In addition, a 5-year roadmap should allow the development of omis 4.0 to be controlled and communicated in a targeted manner, thereby notifying you of planned features well in advance.
Innovation is an integral part or our strategic goals. An innovation project is already being implemented, with which we will quickly retrofit equipment, devices and systems with sensors to help predict faults. This project will be concluded in spring 2021 and offered actively on the market. We are planning further projects on the subjects of predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence, and we look forward to being able to present you with initial results.

Since we cannot manage this alone, we will be increasing the size of our team. We are currently seeking support in project management and marketing, with further job advertisements already being prepared.

We look to the future with the highest levels of motivation, and we are delighted that you are taking this path with us.