Hack us if you can

We have subjected our software systems to an intensive penetration test in order to reveal any critical security issues should they exist. A heads up on the result: All attacks were successfully repelled and we have been certified with a very high security standard!

At the end of March we had our OMIS software solution and our server infrastructure investigated for their general protection against unauthorised access and their data security. In addition to software architecture and transmission security, the server environments were also put to the acid test. The recognised experts from Limes Security conducted countless tests and attacks over an extended period in order to highlight any security risks. The experienced testers found it impossible to successfully compromise a system without valid access data – i.e. they had no opportunity to break into our systems and access any data. Although we privately expected this to happen, we are very proud that our systems – and above all those of our customers – could not be cracked. Nevertheless, we will not rest on our laurels. We will constantly strive to maintain this high security standard and adapt our systems to meet the latest requirements.

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