What do Berlin and New York have in common?

OMIS 4.0 is a software solution for optimising and automating your maintenance processes. The package is not specific to any industry or manufacturer.

In simple terms, this means that you can record all your equipment, machines, plant or locations in OMIS 4.0, regardless of which industry you operate in or which manufacturer the equipment was purchased from.

OMIS 4.0 originates from the filling station market, where the needs of our customers can be perfectly fulfilled thanks to Mr. Faschang’s many years of industry experience. However, it has become increasingly apparent in recent years that OMIS 4.0 is also ideally suited for use in other areas, too, such as support services for public transport operators. One company operating in this field, INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc., has already been a customer of ours for several years, and we are now pleased to welcome iris-GmbH infrared & intelligent sensors on board as well.

They are both concerned with equipping and maintaining sensors in public transport vehicles such as buses. The sensors are configured and tested on site before being installed in the buses. This involves a complex approval process, which is carried out and documented in OMIS 4.0. Each check in this process is managed by means of a workflow, in which the next participant in the chain is informed automatically and can then commence their work. Final approval including signature is done directly in OMIS 4.0 on a tablet, meaning that the corresponding documents are immediately archived and available in the right place.

But OMIS 4.0 can not just be used to manage the approval process – there are also plans to enable customers of these service providers to report any problems directly in OMIS 4.0 in the future.