The software is modularly structured, so it can be tailored specifically to your needs. The various modules result in numerous functions and options for how you can utilise OMIS 4.0 in your company.

In total, we offer 5 main modules and more than 10 add-on modules from which you can choose.

20170208_logos_rz_basic single 

Simple object management

The most important master data is entered and managed in this module, where it is also available as a data source for other modules.  All relevant object, equipment and user data is recorded and collected.

The main “omis basic” module offers you the following benefits:

  • Overview of all equipment, machines and systems in service or maintenance
  • Single point of contact for all fault, error and claim reports
  • Basis for the use of versatile add-on modules to optimise your maintenance management

6 other optional add-on modules are available for the main “omis basic” module:

  • 20170208_logos_rz_multi language single - The complete software package is available in several languages
  • 20170208_logos_rz_mobile single - The software environment scales automatically to mobile devices
  • 20170208_logos_rz_machine reports single - Enables automatic communication with equipment, machines and systems of your customers and suppliers
  • 20170208_logos_rz_follow up single - Time-controlled events are sent automatically in the system
  • 20170208_logos_rz_codegenerator single - QR codes can be generated for the faultless identification & creation of reports for a device
  • 20170208_logos_rz_easy data single - Simple recording of data relating to machines & other equipment by image recognition software

20170208_logos_rz_legal maintenance single

Administration of inspection and service appointments

This module enables the management of various legal and preventive inspection and service appointments. This allows you to ensure that your inspections are executed and documented accordingly. Execution and documentation take place in a structured manner and completely digitally, without the creation of any unclear slips of paper.

The main “omis legal maintenance” module offers you the following benefits:

  • Administration and monitoring of legal and preventive inspection appointments
  • Recording of defects from inspections directly in the system
  • Direct storage of documents (test certificates, etc.) relating to inspection dates
  • Paperless and detailed documentation of all executed inspections in one system

20170208_logos_rz_dispatching single

Task management for faults

This module encompasses fault reporting and processing. Fault, error and insurance reports are distributed manually or fully automatically to the responsible party.

The main “omis dispatching” module offers you the following benefits:

  • Automatic and manual distribution of reports to the responsible parties and suppliers/service providers
  • A workflow specifies when, to whom and how reports are assigned
  • Various options for dispatching reports (email, SMS, voice call, etc.)

7 other optional add-on modules are available for the main “omis dispatching” module:

  • 20170208_logos_rz_request single - Enables the collection and commissioning of quotations from external suppliers/service providers or internal departments
  • 20170711_logos_rz_claim management single300 - The recording and processing of insurance claim reports is completely digital
  • 20170208_logos_rz_voice call single- Suppliers/service providers and internal parties are called from the system. Ideal for critical reports
  • 20170208_logos_rz_checklists single - VAdministration and documentation of individual checklists: Detected defects can be linked and forwarded directly to the responsible party
  • 20170208_logos_rz_reporting single - You can create and export detailed reports in just a few clicks
  • 20170208_logos_rz_maps single - An overview map shows you the most important events for objects at a glance
  • 20170208_logos_rz_condition monitoring single - Monitoring, analysis and interpretation of buildings, plant, systems and equipment. Improvements in energy and resource efficiency

20170208_logos_rz_documents single

Document management

This module allows you to manage and link various documents. The access rights for this can be set individually to the user groups. Users then have the opportunity to upload documents to the different areas.

The main “omis documents” module offers you the following benefits:

  • Uploading of various relevant documents relating to objects, equipment, inspections and reports
  • Seamless documentation through uploading of all working documents (e.g. test reports, insurance documents, photos, etc.)
  • Reduction in administration costs and increase in transparency for all involved
  • Security with integrated virus scanner

20170208_logos_rz_reinvest planning single

Asset management

This module supports you in planning investments. You are better able to calculate your budget with the help of collected equipment and report data. You can see whether and from what date future (re-)investments are worthwhile.

The main “omis reinvest planning” module offers you the following benefits:

  • Calculation of relevant factors for budget planning
  • Support in planning investments
  • Powerful reporting for strategic decisions and increased planning security