OMIS 4.0 practical examples

Our strong project team has already successfully implemented many projects. We have selected 3 exemplary cases for you to better illustrate what you can achieve with OMIS 4.0.

Browse the best practice examples and find new ideas on how to implement our maintenance software in your organization.


Road equipment companies

OMIS 4.0 is ideal for handling your services. When you submit a message, you can plan the parts, labor, tools, and machines you are likely to need much better. With these planned resources, a cost estimate can then be created at the click of a button. Once the work has been completed, you can subsequently adjust the materials actually required. Based on this, an invoice is generated automatically.

IT service provider in public transport

An IT service provider installs various sensors in public transport vehicles. These sensors first have to be configured and tested in-house. This entire process is clearly displayed in OMIS 4.0 using a commissioning process. Employees of this IT service provider are guided through the process step by step. You can process checklists and upload documents. Once a technician has completed his tasks, this can be confirmed in the system, and so the next responsible persons are informed about further work steps. In the next implementation step, OMIS 4.0 will also be used for customers of said service provider, so that they can report any errors of the sensors directly in the system.

Service station network with gas station catering

A maintenance manager in his company is responsible for branches of various industries. OMIS 4.0 depicts petrol stations as well as restaurants with various equipment and service providers. The error catalogs are tailored specifically to the respective industry. OMIS 4.0 makes it much easier for staff to report faults directly for the correct equipment.